What My Clients Are Saying


"Katy is amazing! I am definetely going back to her! She really does the best deep tissue massage! I highly recommend her!"

Nancy Kinder

Excelente servicio de masajes Katy es una profesional y excelente persona recomiendo ampliamente sus servicios de masajes

Gabriel Calvo

"Katy is amazing! I always look forward to my massage with her. She's very in tune with your body!"

Katie Tobler

"Katy listens to me as a client and focuses her massage on my problem areas and concerns. I always leave feeling so much better and relaxed.
She has great experience and I know I can trust her to take care of me (also her prenatal massages are the best!)"

Janae Dunbar-Palmer

“I was referred to Katy after getting sciatica nerve point and it was a miracle. Katy is kind, knowledgeable, and compassionate, and was the only person who was able to make the pain go away. Highly recommended! I will return again and again for all of my therapeutic needs. ”

Polly Eagleton

"Katy gave me a much needed break from pregnancy! I had an awesome experience with her. She was very professional, and made sure that it was just the right pressure. The aromatherapy and music was very relaxing, and my only disappointment was when it was over!"

Mallory Bohn

Very professional, work the areas that I told her to, asked and made sure that the amount of pressure was okay and definitely has the strength to do deep penetration! Would highly recommend her and bought a gift certificate for my wife's Christmas stocking as well. And her prices are very reasonable! Recommend the 90 minute or two hour massage!! The one-hour massage just goes too quick!

Troy Taylor

"I had my first massage with Katy yesterday and it was a wonderful experience! She was very knowledgeable and it was a great massage. She always made sure I was comfortable with the pressure and what I areas I wanted worked on. The environment was wind and I felt amazing afterwards! I will be going back soon!"

Kathryn Moss

"The fact that Katy does it all shouldn't detour you from loosing yourself in a stress free massage because you can really feel all the things that embodies who she is poring into her work from her mothering nature of challenged but able kids to her creative culinary side that really thinks outside of the box to make something so good for you so amazing, all the way to her professional massage therapist self that seamlessly sedates your muscles to satisfaction without making your feel vulnerable, awkward or uncomfortable. Simply put, in her Katy's hands you'll KNOW you are right where you are suppose to be."

Miloh Gill

"Katy is absolutely amazing! I was way overdue for a massage and I asked for deep pressure, and she was able to maintain the same deep pressure throughout the entire massage. She also used various techniques on my neck to try and help alleviate the knots I had and they worked wonders! Her prices are the lowest I've ever seen, and for the quality of massage she gives, you would expect them to be way higher than they are! I definitely will be a frequent customer!"

Desirae Cruse

"Katy brings the pain but then I feel great after."

Eric Braunberger

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