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Hello, I’m Katy Xiques. I became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2010. I’ve got years of experience doing this. Massage therapy actually helped me recover from a head injury in 2009 resulting in me having several seizures throughout the day. Because of what the miracle of massage did for me I became a massage therapist. I want to help others in the same way it helped me.
While I was in massage school my husband threw out his back again. He used to throw out his back constantly. Landing him on the floor for weeks unable to go to work. As I learned massage modalities and techniques, I tried them on him. I discovered what muscle in his body was the problem leading to him to have so many back problems. The psoas major is a muscle deep in your back that you have to work through the stomach to get to. Most people don’t know about this, and most massage therapist don’t like to work that muscle. After all this time, I still work on his psoas major to help prevent another back injury. So, I am a pro at low back pain.
In 2011, my son was born and in 2013 my daughter was born. Massage literally saved me during my pregnancies. I had very difficult pregnancies. I was in the hospital 80% of the time fighting to stay alive. I got frequent massages to help alleviate the stress and pain I was in. It helped lower my blood pressure, which was good because I had pre-eclampsia. It calmed me down and gave me strength to fight again the next day. Because of my experience of massage during pregnancy I went on to specialize in pre-natal massage.
Both of my children have autism. I have used massage to help them with their anxiety, insomnia and their sensory issues. Which also created a very special bond between us. So yes, of course I went on to specialize in child/infant massage as well. I can teach parents how to massage their children.
Shortly after my daughter was born I was diagnosed with Lupus. My joints would swell and become painful to the touch. All my muscles ached. I was extremely fatigued, to the point where I didn’t have the strength to lift my children. I was sick all the time with flu-like symptoms. My body was attacking itself. After getting required medical attention from a Rheumatologist to help slow down my body from attacking my kidneys, heart and brain. I still had symptoms that made my life difficult. Like the extreme fatigue and pain. So, I once again turned to massage and it once again saved me. So now of course I’ve specialized in lymph drainage massage, to help those of you who suffer from inflammation.
I have worked at a few high-end spas, and enjoyed it very much. Now I have my own home and my own in-home spa to pursue my private practice. Having my own practice allows me to be flexible so I can work and be a mom to my two children who require a lot of me because if their special needs.
I sympathize with everyone out there with any sort of pain or discomfort. My situation is somewhat extreme, but I honestly don’t compare myself to you. If you have had an awesome pregnancy but your low back is killing you, I sincerely want to help you. I truly believe that I went through all of these physical trials to lead me to become stronger and be a better massage therapist. I just want to help you.  
I can’t wait to meet you. I’m excited to give you a massage.
Katy Xiques LMT

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